A particularly rare copy of a Beatles album is set to rake in a very large sum of money at an upcoming auction.

What is being referred to as the ‘holy grail’ of all Beatles albums may sell for $1 million at an upcoming auction house in New Jersey, Gotta Have Rock and Roll.

The album being auctioned off is a White Album, however it’s not just any White Album – in fact it’s actually marked “0000001”. And what’s more, the early prints of the records were only made specifically for The Beatles and Capitol Records execs exclusively.

According to Noise11all other known exclusive White Album records have been unsealed, naturally devaluing the record. However, one remains totally in tact in its factory sealing, which is one of the main factors that its value is set to skyrocket at the New Jersey auction. It’s already been privately appraised for $1 million, too.

Back in 2015, Ringo Starr auctioned off an unsealed exclusive copy of the White Album, which sold for a hefty $790,000.

As per Music Newsthe fact that the 0000001 White Album has a factory seal is actually a pretty interesting story. According to the site, the 0000001 record was owned by a ‘high ranking Capitol Records exec’ who nabbed the record at the album release party.

That same week, he allegedly had the album cover taken back to Capitol Records to officially have it factory sealed. And the rest is history. Is this about to be the most valuable Beatles record of all time?

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