To celebrate the two masterminds behind Australia’s most trusted news source, The Betoota Advocate, heading on tour – we’re taking a look at six of our favourite music-related headlines.

  1. indie
    “‘I have got no idea how he (Sam) even knows them,’ seemingly ignoring the fact that the show sold outBetoota’s 2,000 capacity hall in the French Quarter.”Is there anything that makes one feel less patrish than someone else recognizing an obscure band you only brought up so you could feel a sense of superiority towards the other normies in your life? No.

  2. thirsty-merc
    “Don’t get me wrong, the Bondi Rescue royalties do alright but summer is kingdom come for us mate.”Whilst I’d argue that Tommy and Krista is an infinitely better Thirsty Merc song, and that band are often overlooked for the contributions they’ve made to Australian music. We can’t help but crack a smile at The Betoota’s spot-on impersonation of the once-inimitable Rai Thistlethwayte.

  3. betoota
    “It means a lot. I mean, we want to make Byron our home. So we need to do as the locals do, not the feral dreadlocked blow-ins from Bondi”I’d cut off my left foot to see Liam Hemsworth crowd-kill someone in a Thy Art Is Murder pit.

  4. emerging
    “Vibe Merchants is one, then our drummer likes The Kek Patrol. My favourite is probs The Pat Cash Pash Rash Experience – get it?”Nothing says skilled musician and “my dad owns a yacht” quite like an ironic cover of an early 2000’s R’n’B song. Vibes.

  5. splendour
    “Even though some of the acts weren’t strictly musical, Triple J insists that every single band did just as good of a job as every other band at every other festival they have ever been involved in over the last eighty-four years.”

    You’re listening to Triple J’s “Live At The Wireless”, we’ve got DMA’s about to play a packed out amphitheatre and Dylan from the sunny coast on the text line “YEWWW the boys are killing it, toon after toon!!! let’s hope they play that off chops cover of Believe, it’s got my hottest hundie vote for sure”.

  6. nature
    “What we have found is that Australian music journalists, the remaining ones anyway, are not actually carrying the same definitive traits associated with the rest of humankind”I’m not going to argue with science.

The Betoota Advocate are making their way across these golden plains as we speak. Check out the tour dates and ticket information below!

The Betoota Advocate 2018 Tour
Tickets on sale now

Thursday, 22nd November
The Gov, Adelaide

Friday, 30th November
*Buy now to receive 30% off!*

Llewelyn Hall, Canberra

Saturday, 1st December
Sydney Opera House, Sydney

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