American new-wave girl group The Go-Go’s is set to return to the music scene, releasing their first song in nigh on 20 years, ‘Club Zero’, later this month. 

Although we haven’t seen a new album from the rocking ’80s group since 2001 when they released God Bless The Go-Go’s, the female-fronting five-some is gearing up for their return, releasing ‘Club Zero’ towards the end of July to coincide with a new documentary based around the iconic collective.

Created via email by the standing members of the band, ‘Club Zero’ was recorded at Lucky Recording in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, where a statement was released that reads: “As the band’s stance has always been fervent when it comes to relevant issues, the anthemic, punk-infused paean arrives just in time for a world in desperate need of a voice of optimism and change.”

Coming out on July 31st, the track stands as a preamble to their simply titled The Go-Go’s documentary, that is slated to premiere on Showtime on August 1st, where the film will feature the collective early in the works of the new single, as detailed in the preview.

From their humble beginnings in 1978 The Go-Go’s became one of the world’s most recognisable bands in 1981 with their debut album Beauty And The Beat boasting massive tracks like ‘We Got The Beat’ and ‘Our Lips Are Sealed’.

“We are the first all-girl band that wrote their own material, and played their own instruments, to be really successful. In the course of a year, we had gone from playing dive bars to playing Madison Square Garden,” the preview reveals.

Directed by Alison Ellwood, the new documentary delves into the immense archive the band holds, while unveiling the ins and outs of the legendary all-female group, showing how this group so quickly rose to stardom, and what their lives have been like as a band that has continued for over 40 years.

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Check out the preview for The Go-Go’s documentary: