Someone has lit up the internet this morning by wildly pretending to be the assistant of Nicki Minaj

The chaos started when someone posted a series of screenshots from the Instagram Story of @katemiller_7. “Nicki fired her assistant and she’s telling it all,” the caption claimed.

The Instagram Story sequence was unbelievable and ridiculous. “I am Onika ex assistant who she fired who for absolutely no proof of fraud with her bank account,” the first one read. “I’m exposing all files I have from working for her. Along with the voice messages she sent me regarding many different people not just Cardi B.”

The second one even tagged Nicki. “Let’s talk about you sending Robert Sammuels $75,000 for Freaky Girl “abundance” on the charts. But you’re fans love dissing “payola” You won’t sue and you know why. I have it all on video. For example, when Kenneth pushed you off that lodge. Meek isn’t the only abuser.”

Another read, “I have your tax refunds from 2021. When are we gonna tell the barbz you’ve owed the IRS 173 million since 2016? renting homes is always the go to for the Minaj residence.”

Some even got intensely personal. “The things that your husband said to me when you weren’t around still gives me chills and as a woman I’m going to deal with that on my own time but you both are sick and meant for each other.”

So many huge claims, so many grammatical errors. And that’s just a selection – there were over 20 Instagram Story posts in total.

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As many pointed out, the level of writing didn’t really fit with the profile of a high-level assistant. “y’all it’s a teenager behind that page and I’m side eyeing anyone eating this stuff up. Also the grammar,” wrote one doubter on Twitter.

The picture used for @katemiller_7, or Onika (which incidentally is the name of Nicki’s perfume), was also actually the picture of someone else entirely. “Y’all just spread lies on Nicki Minaj name for no reason. I googled that lady and she is a Senior Vice President of Vocal Content @ Republic,” pointed out another Twitter user.

What an almighty mess. Nicki hasn’t commented on the claims yet. Where are the Catfish: The TV Show hosts when you need them? While it’s probably Nicki’s actual assistant though, the person pretending to be so certainly seems to know a lot of information about the rapper. More to come on this story.

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