Revesby rockers Pist Idiots have just feathered their caps with the recommendation of a punk legend, with The Offspring guitarist Noodles shouting them out on Twitter.

Ask anyone and they’ll agree that Australia produces some amazing artists that those from overseas can’t get enough of. Why, punk legend Henry Rollins can usually be found at Melbourne’s Greville Records while on tour, stocking up on tunes from the likes of Taipan Tiger Girls. Other times, you can see the likes of rock icons Motörhead shouting out the likes of Airbourne. No matter how you look at it, Australia does music right.

Now, the latest band to gain the attention of music’s biggest names is none other than humble Revesby outfit Pist Idiots, who recently copped a bit of love from The Offspring’s iconic guitarist, Noodles.

“I love finding new (to me) music,” the 57-year-old shared on Twitter alongside a clip of the band’s ‘Street Fighter’ single. “A friend turned me on to these guys last week & I can’t get enough. Plus @PistIdiots is just a great name.”

He’s not wrong, either. It’s a great song, and a great name, and before long, fans started flocking to the comments to agree with the sentiment and to thank the punk rocker for putting the Aussie outfit on their radar.

Of course, Pist Idiots would undoubtedly be feeling a bit devastated that international borders aren’t open yet, otherwise they might have been able to count Noodles as one of the punters in the crowd enjoying their live return in Sydney last night.

Taking place at the Factory Theatre, the show was a typically raucous affair from the outfit, complete with live wrestling matches in the beer garden thanks to the fine folks at Pro Wrestling Australia. We’ve got no idea when The Offspring might enlist some wrestlers for a show, but hey, Noodles is paying attention, so it surely won’t be too long.

Check out ‘Street Fighter’ by Pist Idiots: