Fans of The Strokes now have some reason to get quite excited, with an interview from the President of Artist Group International revealing that new music is on the way.

For the last few years, it’s been a little rough being a fan of The Strokes. While the group’s last album was 2013’s Comedown Machine, we’ve not received new material since 2016’s Future Present Past EP.

Sure, members of the group have been doing their own thing, but rumours of new music have undoubtedly left us feeling a little bit hopeful and unfulfilled.

Thankfully, this year has seen things beginning to ramp up, with the band said to be using 2019 as their “global comeback”, before premiering their new song ‘The Adults Are Talking’ in Los Angeles back in May.

However, in a new interview with Music Business Worldwide, Artist Group International President (and booking agent for The Strokes) Marsha Vlasic opened up about what it takes to be a success in the music industry, before touching on the future for some of the artists she looks after.

“Cage the Elephant are groomed and set to, I hope, be the next Rolling Stones, please god, fingers crossed, everything crossed,” she began.

“The Strokes are coming with new music — we had a heartbreak [June 2nd] in New York when they were headlining Governors Ball, the weather destroyed our show and we never played, but having them back on the live music scene is exciting.”

The event that Vlasic is referring to is New York’s Governors Ball festival which saw severe weather forcing the evacuation of crowds due to public safety.

While it isn’t confirmed, the context seems to indicate that new music may have been performed at the cancelled show.

As for when the new record is set to be released, fans over on Reddit appear to be of the belief that the new album was not only produced by Rick Rubin, but is due to be formally announced at any moment.

Undoubtedly, things are shaping up to see 2019 turn into a major year for The Strokes.

Check out ‘Hard To Explain’ by The Strokes:

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