Well, The Weeknd’s much-anticipated Super Bowl halftime show performance has come and gone and the reaction has been… mixed. 

It’s safe to say expectations were high, given The Weeknd admitted to forking out USD $7 million of his own money to make the show “what he envisioned”.

It’s clear that much of the budget must have gone towards the aesthetics, given that the performance begun in a Vegas-inspired set with The Weeknd chilling in a sports car.

From there, he kicked things off with a brief rendition of ‘Star Boy’, before performing hits including ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ and ‘I Feel It Coming’.

During his performance of ‘Blinding Lights’ a number of masked doppelgangers in red blazers took to the field to provide back up dancing.

Check out The Weeknd’s halftime show in full:

As visually appealing as the spectacle was, many viewers took umbrage with the arguably poor sound quality.

A Twitter user said: “Hey at least we know he was live! The Weeknd handled it super well but I’m so deaf I had to turn up my surround sound”.

Another viewer tweeted: “that weeknd performance sounded awful. I blame the sound guy.”

A third said: “somebody who hates the weeknd did the sound for his performance bc i could not hear him for shit.”

Meanwhile, one of the biggest takeaways of the night has been the memes that inevitably came from the performance.

A section of the show which featured The Weeknd walking through a gold house of mirrors has inspired several jokes concerning his puzzled expression.

Check out some of the best reactions to The Weeknd’s halftime show: