The Weeknd got honest about self-medicating and the effects of loneliness.

In a new interview with CR Men, the R&B singer has spoken about his history with drugs and how his performances and creative process used to feature them as a strong presence.

Noting that certain drugs help him when he’s being creating, The Weeknd opened up about striking a balance between using them and being sober.

“I have an off-and-on relationship with it,” he said during the interview.

“It doesn’t consume my life but occasionally helps me open up my mind, especially when I’m creating; but when I perform I’m completely sober and try not to even drink. I’ve learned to balance thanks to touring.”

The Weeknd, who will be releasing his new album After Hours, released the title track of the record just days ago. He’s previously shown fans what to expect from his fourth studio album in singles ‘Heartless’ and ‘Blinding Lights’.

Watch: The Weeknd – ‘After Hours’

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Elsewhere in the same interview, The Weeknd opened up about his current working process. Preferring a more isolated environment, The Weeknd spoke about the positives of being busy.

“I spend most of my days alone now,” he said.

“I don’t like to leave my house too much. It’s a gift and a curse but it helps me give undivided attention to my work. I enjoy being a workaholic, I think, or I’m just addicted to it. Even when I’m not working I’m always somehow still working. It distracts from the loneliness, I guess.”

After Hours is due for a March 20th release, the singer’s first full length album since 2016’s Starboy.

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