A song so timeless it can be equally powerful at a 12th and 40th birthday party, Drowning Pool’s one-hit-wonder Bodies is a shoo-in to provide content forevermore.

The latest comes in the form of a grandma rocking out to the tune in a Karaoke bar in Maryland.

Was she inspired by the recent retirement home exodus to attend a heavy metal festival in Germany? Or perhaps she’s related to this granny who was losing her shit at a Slipknot gig recently.

Regardless of the reason behind it, we’ve gotta admit that she’s got one hell of a growl on her. Check it out below.

Woman jamming Bodies in a karaoke bar


In honour of the metal warrior raising hell to some 2001 savagery, we’ve dug out some more honourable mentions in the category of Nu Metal covers. Enjoy.

1) 82-year-old man covers Bodies on America’s Got Talent

Perhaps the most well-known metal seniors video, pensioner John Hetlinger summoned daemons with this live rendition of Bodies.

Despite not taking home the grand prize, he did drop in on a Drowning Pool gig to bust out the song again.


2) Down With The Sickness train wreck

Before Disturbed became a bunch of Veronica’s loving  60’s cover musicians, they kicked out the Nu-Metal jams that had dreadlocked NASCAR fans flocking to them in droves.

The true believer above, however, couldn’ quite nail the band’s iconic scatter growl thingy that kicks off riff-fest Down With The Sickness. Enjoy your daily dose of cringe.


Linkin Park’s painful carpool Karaoke

While the band ground to a tragic halt with the death of frontman Chester Bennington in 2017, there can be no denying that this slice of history is…not good.

Jumping in the car with comedian Ken Jeong, Chester, Mike Shinoda and Joey Hahn force out this awkward rendition of Numb for TV audiences. Oooft


4) The metal idol auditions

To round out our compilation, we present this treasure chest of idol metal auditions.

The iconic mid 00’s show had some auditions that have etched their way into folklore, but we doubt many of them feature vampire wing wearing office workers screaming out some Slipknot. Also, if anyone can tell us what’s going on at 0:25, that’d be much appreciated.