Tom Morello has undoubtedly raised excitement levels, inferring that there is a lot of unreleased Audioslave material which may one day receive a proper release.

Back in 2001, the world was treated to the arrival of a brand new supergroup. Dubbed Audioslave, the group featured Chris Cornell of Soundgarden fronting the band, with Tom Morello, Brad Wilk, and Tim Commerford of Rage Against The Machine on instrumental duties.

While we’ve previously noted the group apparently broke up before their first album, they reconvened and managed to release three stunning albums across a four-year period.

Tragically, just months after performing their first live show in over ten years, frontman Chris Cornell passed away at the age of 52, undoubtedly leaving fans to wonder what might remain in the vault.

However, in a conversation with Guitar World recently (via Ultimate Guitar), guitarist Tom Morello revealed that “there’s a great amount of Audioslave material” fans are yet to hear.

“There certainly is a chance [for it to be released],” Morello explained. “There are no plans for that currently to be released, but there’s no impediments to being released either.

“We’ll figure it out at some point, but there’s a lot of records worth of stuff that didn’t get released. Some of the choices of what songs were on what records were almost arbitrary.

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“There’s a few of my favourite Audioslave songs that just never fully saw the light of day, so hopefully they’ll come out with something.”

Check out Tom Morello’s interview with Guitar World:

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Elsewhere in the interview, Tom Morello touched upon the topic of Chris Cornell’s passing, being asked if he had been able to process the loss of his late bandmate.

“Short answer: no. It’s brutal,” Morello explained. “He was a good friend, a great artist, I never stopped being a fan of his, but the hole that he left is one that’ll never be filled.

“And I was glad that we were able to do the memorial concert that felt like everybody in the world who was a Chris Cornell fan knew that was happening on that night.

“And for five hours, friends of his, bandmates of his, artists who his children loved, all got together to pay respects to his incredible catalog itself. On every one of my shows, there’s a couple of moments that we devote to him, so I still like to hear his voice in the room.”

Although there’s obviously no word as to when we might – if ever – hear this unreleased Audioslave material, we can rest assured knowing that there’s always a possibility for more of those iconic tunes to finally see the light of day.

Check out ‘Cochise’ by Audioslave:

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