Our main source of joy over this past month has been a cover of Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Guerilla Radio’, performed by a 10-year-old virtuoso Nandi Bushell.

The UK wunderkind multi-instrumentalist performed the cover on drums, bass, and guitar. It was released in support of the Black Lives Matter protests that unfurled internationally in the early weeks of June.

“Solidarity in the Fight to End Racism! #fightracism #blacklivesmatter #enoughisenough,” a caption for the video read.

The performance caught the eye of Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello, who retweeted the video, adding: “Well, now we’re on the right track.”

In truly heartwarming news, Morello has taken his support for the young musician one step further, by gifting her his new Fender Soul Power Stratocaster.

“Hey Nandi, I’d like you to have this guitar as a gift from me to you because you rock so great, and to see someone rocking so great who is so young, it really gives me hope for the future,” Morello said in a video shared to the young prodigy’s YouTube account. “I didn’t start playing guitar until I was 17 years old, so you are way, super-far ahead of me, and I look forward to hearing a lot more of your music in the future. You’ve got a lot of soul, and here’s a little Soul Power to go with it. Keep it up!”

Check out Tom Morello gifting young musician Nandi Bushell his signature Fender Strat:

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Amid the Black Lives Matter movement unfurling internationally, many musicians have been confronted by fans on their political ideology. In a particularly hilarious interaction, Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine had a standoff with a Twitter troll who completely missed the point of Rage Against The Machine.

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Earlier this month, Morello took to Instagram to share a screenshot on an interaction he’d had in the comment section with a user called @davez67.

“Another successful musician instantly becomes a political expert,” @davez67 wrote.

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