Australian legends themselves Tonight Alive have been putting out masterpieces since their debut in 2011, and they’re still going strong.

But with a band as big as they are, you often wonder, what kind of music are they listening to when they aren’t in the studio shining the blades of their own incredible tunes?

Thankfully, the band have answered that very question, providing us with the three artists that they love at the moment, which cover a whole range of genres.

From the country-tinged pop sensibilities of Muna to the chilled vibes and R’n’B rhythms of Greentea Peng, Tonight Alive know what’s up in the world of music, and want to share their loves with you.

We asked Tonight Alive how exactly they find these incredible artists. Despite their method being a bit unusual to other artists we asked, it is definitely a great way to get involved with fans and the wider rock community as a whole.

As pointed out by the band, Instagram is great for artists to build a community and connect with each other, learning and growing from one another.

“It’s kind of unconventional but I’ve ended up getting into artists by seeing them interact in the comment sections of other artist’s posts. Nai Palm from Hiatus Kaiyote seems to attract a really warm community around her online. I like seeing people support each other and be openly inspired by other music! Most recently I came across RillyRil that way.”

Here are the three artists that Tonight Alive just can’t get enough of.

Muna @whereismuna

They’ve been the face of Spotify’s Indie Pop playlist, and have just released an incredible album this year titled Saves The World, because really, Muna are saving the people of the planet with the power of quality pop.

Lead single ‘Taken’ – which has an incredible video to accompany its sweet melodies – drives along with a pure intensity that is reminiscent of something like ‘Pure Shores’ by All Saints. It’s gloriously good music, and it’s no surprise Tonight Alive totally dig them.

Greentea Peng @greenteapeng

It’s no surprise Greentea Peng is followed by the legendary Erykah Badu herself on Instagram, if there was anyone to be handed down her crown it would be Greentea herself.

With her fresh single ‘Mr Sun (miss da sun)’ just out, Greentea consistently solidifies herself as a force to be reckoned with in the fields of soul and R’n’B.

Girl Pusher @girlpusher

Girl Pusher are an LA duo who offer up demonically dainty hymns which fuse punk with electronic music in an otherworldy affair.

Clad in clown makeup for live performances, Gabby Giuliano slams the microphone into her head, screams into the void, and fills the crowd with angst and edge. Tonight Alive definitely have an experimental streak in them and now we know what continues to help drive it.

“I guess what these artists all have in common through my eyes is authenticity and uniqueness. These are all artists I haven’t seen anything like before. Their honest and raw self expression is really inspiring to me! I love when you get a sense from someone that they’re not afraid to stand out or challenge their audience,” said Tonight Alive.

Tonight Alive have recently been taking a break from international touring for their mental health, but are steadily working on new music to follow 2018’s impressive full-length Underworld.