Australian legends themselves Tonight Alive have been putting out masterpieces since their debut in 2011, and they’re still going strong.

But with a band as big as they are, you often wonder, what on Earth are they doing in their spare time between shredding out massive hits?

Thankfully, the band has answered that very question, and the answer is they’re going through their massive collection of bookmarked rare videos on Instagram.

From following people that their faves follow to scouring the music section of their Explore page, Tonight Alive have managed to create an impressive stash of odds and ends that we cannot even begin to comprehend.

The nostalgia is definitely back with these videos, as the band have curated a time capsule for us to enjoy and treasure for eternity. What’s best is most of these videos are super rare, so we’re thankful for the band handing us over these gems.

Here are the five videos ranging from some old but gold Red Hot Chilli Peppers footage, to a lost-to-time vid of Avril Lavigne giving out lessons on the definitions of punk.

Fan Footage of Tonight Alive on the last day of Warped Tour 2018

This is legendary and iconic and no wrong can be spoken of this video. Lost in the halls of Instagram, we’re just thankful that Tonight Alive treasured this video enough to share it with the world.

“I think because performing is such a personal and intimate experience it can be surreal seeing it from the observer’s perspective. I really feel connected to my purpose when I’m onstage so when I’m able to see my vision translating it’s rewarding in a whole other way,” said Tonight Alive.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers Hair Whipping on stage

Anthony Kiedis. In his prime. Skirt on. Hair long. Whipping it around and rocking out. We’re in love.

Darrell Freeman being an absolute legend

Grammy-winning multi-talent, Darrell Freeman, performing this freestyle is everything we needed to set our week off right.

Rare interview footage of Avril Lavigne on the definition of ‘Punk’

Avril is not punk. She’s a rocker chick, and wants everyone to stop with the labels in this rare footage from her early days.

“I used to find it really funny and bratty! A part of me still does. Unfortunately a friend of mine recently pointed our that some of the characteristics in the way Avril was talking correlated with using pharmaceutical drugs, from the way she seems a bit disengaged, kind of slurs and loses her train of thought. So I have mixed feelings about it now but the dialogue is still iconic!”

Fan Footage of Tonight Alive’s 10th Anniversary UK Tour

#tonightalive led the band to discover this amazing live footage of themselves. Pretty cool how fans can provide bands with rare videos they wouldn’t have ever seen otherwise.