In a new interview with KIIS’s Kyle and Jackie O Avril Lavigne has finally responded to the conspiracy theory that she died and was replaced by a lookalike in 2003. The theory has been around for a while but this is the first time Lavigne has directly responded to it.

As far as we know the theory originated years ago on a Brazilian blog and since then has done the rounds every now and again. Basically the theory is that Lavigne died in 2003 and was replaced with a body double called Melissa.

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Some of the damning evidence to back the theory up includes the title of her 2004 album Under My Skin and changing hairstyles. But now after years of silence on the subject Avril (or Melissa) has responded to the theory. Check out her response below.

The artist said the idea “is so weird”, and after Jackie O says she almost started to believe it she doubled down saying it’s “so [fucking] dumb.” So there you have it, Avril Lavigne says it’s not true. But then again that’s probably what the fake Avril Lavigne would have been told to say. At this point we can’t trust anything or anyone.

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