Apparently, Tony Iommi once kicked Madonna out of Black Sabbath‘s rehearsal, and now he’s reminiscing on it: “it’s a bit embarrassing.”

Last week marked the 35th anniversary of the tremendous Live Aid benefit concert, which featured a one-off reunion of the original Black Sabbath line-up, and Tony Iommi recalls the exact reason why Queen was the star of that night, and chocks it up to the rehearsal being a bit of a disaster.

Chatting with SiriusXM, Tony Iommi notes that the entire night ended up being “a bit of a disaster, really, to be honest,” that led to Madonna being kicked out of the rehearsal room.

“They had a room booked for us to rehearse. We started rehearsing and then we started talking about the old times; so most of the rehearsal was talking,” Iommi began.

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July 13, 1985 at #LiveAid

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“And the time when we did rehearse, it was a closed session, and it would be embarrassing really because I saw these two girls come in at the back of the room. And I said to one of our crew, ‘Look, there’s people walking in,’ you know, ‘you better tell them to get out, this is a private rehearsal.'”

Although they didn’t really realise who the girls where that walked in, one turned out to be legendary singer-songwriter, Madonna, right at the height of her success.

“Anyway, he goes up and tells them and it turns out to be Madonna. So it’s a bit embarrassing. But anyway, we had the rehearsal and then went back to the hotel,” to where Iommi remembers having a massive nights of drinks which ended up putting him into a “dreadful” hangover the next day.

Check out Tony Iommi playing with Black Sabbath at Live Aid:

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