Tony Iommi has popped his iPhone camera on selfie mode to share a pretty detailed analysis of 2021 with his fans.

Taking to YouTube, the 73-year-old musician chatted about some exciting things that happened to him in the past 12 months. Iommi began the video by focussing on a 480-million-year fossil that was named after him.

“A couple of interesting things have happened to me in the last year,” he continued. “One being they named a fossil after me — a 480-million-year fossil, which they’ve called Iommi. That was brilliant. I never thought that would happen,” he said.

The former Black Sabbath guitarist also shared some insight on the perfume that he launched late last year in conjuction with Xerjoff, saying that it took two years to create.

“The next thing that happened which I, again, would never have believed is I’ve got my own perfume out. I was approached by Xerjoff, the luxury Italian perfume company, if I’d do my own perfume. And God, I said, ‘Yeah.’ I mean, that’s really great for me, ’cause I’ve always been interested, for many, many years, in different colognes and aftershaves and whatever else.

“And that seemed a great opportunity to be able to get involved in something, and I have been involved with Sergio Momo, the CEO of Xerjoff, from day one. For the last two years, we’ve been working on this, and it’s coming out really good,” he said.

The mention of his perfume then led into Iommi revealing that he plans to make more music in the  style of his recent perfume-themed track “Scent of Dark.”

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“I also wrote a track called ‘Scent Of Dark’. I was working with Mike Exeter, the engineer/producer, at my house, and we came up with this track. And I played it to Sergio, he liked it, and we’ve used it as the track to support the perfume.”

“And it came out really well — I really enjoyed it, and the response has been fantastic on it. I’m continue in that vein of writing stuff like that. It was a great experience for me.”

Throughout his reflective message, Iommi continued to drop other interesting tidbits, and you can listen to the whole thing here:

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