It’s been the question that every fan of alternative metal has been asking since 2007; “When is the new Tool album coming out?” Following years and years of rumours, innuendo, unfulfilled promises, and tours to this country which raised fans’ hopes that it might be to show off a new record, we’ve seen a total of zero new albums in that time. However, according to a new interview with Tool drummer Danny Carey, 2018 is going to be the year that all changes.

Since Tool’s last album, 10,000 Days, came out in 2006, fans have been clamouring for new material from the metal legends. In that time, frontman Maynard James Keenan kicked off a solo project, Puscifer, which has released more music since its inception than Tool has in their entire career. However, following news that Maynard’s other band, A Perfect Circle, are gearing up to release their first album in 14 years next year, it seems as though the vocalist has chosen 2018 as the year that everything changes once again.

As Loudwire reports, Tool’s longtime drummer Danny Carey recently sat down for an interview in which he discussed how, with Tool becoming more active again, it would make it hard for his new supergroup with Mastodon’s Brent Hinds to go out on tour.

“At this point, it’s tough [to decide when Legend Of The Seagullmen will tour] because we’re getting close to going in the studio with Tool, so we kind of have to work around each other’s schedule,” he explained. ”I think with Tool heating up it makes it a little trickier, but these guys work minimum four days a week already. I think [Legend Of The Seagullmen] want to do one, two week tours and festivals.”

Of course, news of renewed activity from Tool piqued the interest of the interviewer, who pressed Carey for more information on the new Tool album, and asked whether it would be coming out next year.

“Yes. I’m saying definitely. We’ll probably have it done in the first half [of the year] if things go as planned,” Carey admitted. “There’s setup times and manufacturing – I can never predict all that, it seems like it’s constantly evolving. [What time of year it will be out] I can’t tell you.”

Understandably, when it comes to news of a new Tool record, fans are hesitant to believe anything due to a large amount of miscommunication and misquoting from members within the band. So it’s rather exciting to hear that both Danny Carey and bassist Justin Chancellor have come out to confirm that a new record is on the way.

According to a new interview with Metal Sucks, Danny Carey was also asked whether or not Justin Chancellor’s recent comments about the album dropping next year were true, which the drummer then confirmed.

“He did not lie to you,” Carey confirmed. “On scale of how much he lied, it would be zero. It’ll be out. It’ll be out in 2018.”

So there you have it. While we’re inclined to not believe this news 100% until we have album number five in our hands, this is the most confirmation of a new record we’ve had in years, so we’ll happily take it.

Check out Tool’s most recent single, ‘Jambi’, from 2007:

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