Aria DiMezzo is the trans metalhead and self-described Satanist who is a current Republican nominee for county sheriff.

She achieved the feat for the position in Cheshire County, New Hampshire. She may be the strangest and coolest Republican in US history.

DiMezzo even ran with the controversial but timely campaign slogan “F*** the Police.” It’s remarkable that she was able to get 4,211 registered Republican residents to vote for her, but she did and now a trans metalhead and self-described Satanist is on the ballot.

It must be noted that DiMezzo was able to secure the nomination due to running unopposed but gaining over 4000 Republican signatures is still quite the achievement.

Metal music defines DiMezzo’s life away from politics. She plays in a the wonderfully-named band called FUD, and just announced that her campaign song is going to be Trivium’s ‘The Heart From Your Hate’.

DiMezzo will be up against incumbent sheriff Eli Rivera, who is aiming for his third term.

Explaining her victory in a blog post, DiMezzo wrote: “I went into it expecting that I would lose the primary to a write-in candidate, because I didn’t think that so many voters were just… completely and totally oblivious about who they are voting for.

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“Because the fact is that you didn’t bother. You trusted the system. You trusted the establishment. You trusted the party. You felt safe. You were sure that there must be some mechanisms in place to prevent from occurring exactly what just occurred.

“Your anger is misplaced if you direct it at me. Please listen. Your anger is with the system that has lied to you. Your anger is with the system that convinced you to believe in it, trust in it, and have faith in it, when it is completely and utterly broken.

“More than 4,000 people went into the voting booth on September 8 this week, and they all filled in the circle by my name despite knowing absolutely nothing about the person they were nominating to the most powerful law enforcement position in the county.

“That’s a level of recklessness of which any decent human being should be ashamed.”

Check out ‘The Heart From Your Hate’ by Trivium: