By the end of every week there are a bunch of music-related stories, cool links, videos, and other internet ditties that are a little on the trashy side.

As a remedy to this, we’re happy to introduce our new column Trash Can– our avenue for sharing the funny, the weird, and the downright tacky music stories of the week. Enjoy!

Mumford & Sons Thrown Out Of Atlanta Strip Club

It turns out even sensitive folk musician types like to partake in a bit of the old peep and creep. While on tour in the US, Mumford & Sons decided it would be a good idea to go to a strip club’s karaoke night, and film banjo player Winston Marshall behind the mic on their smart phones. Unfortunately the strip club in question, like almost all strip clubs, has a ‘no camera’ policy.   As NME report ‘customers are not allowed to film while in the venue and the DJ the had to ask the band repeatedly to put their phones away. Refusing to stop, Mumford & Sons then allegedly swore at the DJ and accused him of “ruining” Marshall’s song.” Check out the video above for the embarrassingly awkward footage of the boys getting ejected from the club.

Billie Joe Armstrong Is Gunna Be A Serious Actor, You Guys

Is the Green Day frontman bound to be added to the every-growing list of musicians-turned-actors-turned-butt of every joke? Probably. News has just broken that the punk-rocker will be starring in an indie drama alongside super babe and part time pop singer Leighton Meester, as well as Will & Grace ‘s Debra Messing.

P. Diddy & Rick Ross Play Dice With Million Dollar Stakes

Because perpetuating stereotypes is fun, P. Diddy and his mate Rick Ross decided to partake in a game of dice but instead of sticking to bills and coins, they fellas made it a real betting game. As reported by “In a video posted to Instagram, Diddy takes a swig of his own brand name vodka before launching the losing dice and afterward he showed off an “I OWE U” note for Ross, scrawled in his own handwriting. “I just lost a million dollars,” he said. “It ain’t nothin.” “

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