The prank war between triple j Breakfast presenters Ben & Liam and their host Lachie Macara has come to an end, with the duo coming out on top.

Last week, Ben & Liam decided to play a prank on their new boss, Lachie Macara. Wednesday morning saw the duo treat their boss to a Wednesday Wake-Up Call by ringing him up at 6am and blasting Evanescence’s ‘Bring Me To Life’ at full volume.

Unimpressed, the pair were supposedly taken off air for a few minutes while Macara ostensibly read them the riot act. “Some slackers can’t handle the heat when it comes to Wednesday morning wake up call,” Liam explained. “But we will continue to do them Wednesday after Wednesday.”

The next day, they were at it again, ringing up the boss (at 6am) to apologise for waking him up so early the previous day. Needless to say, Lachie Macara wasn’t impressed, and soon conspired to give the lads a taste of their own medicine.

Over the weekend, Macara initiated his own prank, which saw the Breakfast duo coming into the office on Saturday morning under the pretence that they would be conducting an exclusive interview with Kendrick Lamar.

Of course, just as the pre-recorded interview began, Lachie Macara’s voice soon joined in to reveal that it was all one heck of a ruse.

“Good morning, Ben & Liam, this is your Saturday morning wake-up – or should that be payback?”

“Oh wait, you don’t think I’m on the phone, do you?,” Macara continued. “We’re not having a conversation, I pre-recorded this yesterday. Why would I be up at 6am on a Saturday? Yeah, I prefer a sleep-in to be honest.”

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Now, Ben & Liam’s latest stunt seems to have served as the precursor to a truce, with the pair giving their boss yet another wake-up call this morning.

Yes, at 3:45am this morning, the duo showed up at Nina Las Vegas’ house (where Lachie Macara is staying after his recent return to Australia), to prank him one last time.

Armed with a jovial bagpipe player, the pair crept into Macara’s room and gave him quite possibly the loudest wake-up call we’ve heard in a while.

As a groggy Lachie Macara attempts to make sense of what’s happening, Ben & Liam seem pretty content with how it all went down.

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Just a few hours later, the pair got their boss to join them on air to discuss the terms of a truce.

“We’ve pranked you three times, you’ve got us once, are we all good?”, the duo asked. “Do you think?”, Macara responded. “Those numbers don’t add up.”

After being asked whether he wanted to call it quits and put an end to the war, Ben & Liam went along by blowing the ‘war horn’ to signify and end to this run of pranks.

While it appears that this might be the end of the seemingly-contentious relationship between the Breakfast hosts and their boss, we look forward to seeing who they manage to make enemies of in the future thanks to their Wednesday Wake-Up Call.

Check out Evanescence’s ‘Bring Me To Life’:

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