Another week has passed, and triple j have spent it doing what they do best – delivering endless hit tunes by a wide variety of brilliant artists from both here and abroad.
Of course, with so many songs being played in a week, it can get pretty tough to know the artists that have been the most popular.

Well, thanks to our friends over at J Play, you don’t have to worry about not knowing who the most popular artists on triple j are each week any more.

triple j’s most-played artists for the week

20. Angie McMahon

Characterised by her powerful vocals and exceedingly impressive songwriting skills, Angie McMahon has been winning over fans for a while now. With tracks such as ‘Missing Me’ and ‘Slow Mover’ having seen constant airplay, it won’t be long before the whole world is catching onto McMahon’s brilliance.

19. Hockey Dad

After having an absolutely stunning beginning to the year, Windang’s Hockey Dad keep on proving why they’re one of the most in-demand groups in the country. With their second album, Blend Inn, still serving up the tasty tunes, ‘Sweet Release’ is currently this week’s eighth most-played track on the airwaves.

18. Jack River

After plenty of time giving us some sweet tunes, Jack River recently released her debut album, Sugar Mountain, and fans have loved it. While tracks like ‘Ballroom’ and ‘Limo Song’ have been doing the rounds in recent months, this collection of tracks is set to ensure that Jack River becomes one of this year’s most beloved acts

17. The Kooks

The Kooks are getting ready to unleash their new album, Let’s Go Sunshine, at the end of August. With a couple of tracks, ‘No Pressure’ and ‘All The Time’, already out there, there’s no doubt that the group’s fifth album will see them continuing to deliver brilliant tracks like there’s no tomorrow.

16. Chance The Rapper

It’s pretty amazing to think that Chance The Rapper has been on the scene for six years now, has charted in the Hottest 100, and teamed up with huge named like Childish Gambino, all before the release of his debut album. While Chance dropped a handful of new singles a couple of weeks back, it’s hardly any surprise we’ve been hearing plenty of him on the airwaves this week.

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15. Eves Karydas

Eves Karydas has been on the scene for a number of years now, and has been delivering the goods ever since she first the airwaves. Now, with ‘Couch’ serving as the 15th most-played track this week, there’s a very good chance you’ll be hearing more and more of this stunning muso in the months to come.

14. Benny Blanco

Following a number of years spent producing hit records for other artist, Benny Blanco has decided to step out from the shadows and release his solo single. With ‘Eastside’ featuring guest appearances from Khalid and Halsey, you can be certain that this one will be on top of the charts in no time – it’s just what Benny Blanco does.

13. Pnau

It’s getting close to being a full year since the release of Pnau’s Changa, but the group’s success and influence still continues to win listeners over. With tracks such as ‘Chameleon’, ‘Go Bang’, and ‘Changa’ still doing the rounds, it’s hardly any surprise that this group have continued to receive plenty of well-deserved airplay.

12. Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett recently made her full-blown return to the charts with her second album, Tell Me How You Really Feel, and listeners have been lapping up every single song from the record. While none of her tracks are in this week’s most-played list, her upcoming Aussie tour might just change that somewhat.

11. Childish Gambino

Old mate Gambino recently dropped some fresh new summer tunes for his fans to jive to. Despite the fact that summer is still quite a few months away for us here in the southern hemisphere, triple j listeners have been loving ‘Summertime Magic’ enough to see it sneak into the fifth position on this week’s most-played list.

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10. Amy Shark

After plenty of excitement and a slew of stunning singles, Amy Shark recently released her debut album, Love Monster, to plenty of critical acclaim. Having scored a spot as triple j’s feature album and a #1 debut on the ARIA charts, Amy Shark is undoubtedly on top of the world right now. With ‘All Loved Up’ this week’s tenth most-played track, expect to hear plenty more from Amy Shark in the future.

9. The Wombats

Honorary Aussies The Wombats are still going strong thanks to their fourth album, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life, and fans are loving it. Having just hit up Aussie shores for Splendour In The Grass, the group are already on track to return later in the year for the Spilt Milk festival. Needless to say, you can expect to be hearing more of these loveable Englishmen in the coming months.

8. King Princess

Bursting onto the scene earlier this year with the stunning track ‘1950’, King Princess has been making a name for themselves with some expert speed. Now, having released their debut EP Make My Bed last month, the track ‘Talia’ has been doing the rounds on the airwaves this week, getting enough recognition to become the most-played track this week.


BROCKHAMPTON are gearing up to release their new album, The Best Years of Our Lives, at basically any minute now. Having already released a couple of year-themed tracks, including ‘1999 Wildfire’ and ‘1998 Truman’, fans have been digging these new ones enough to see the former score the honour of being named this week’s sixth most-played track.

6. Hilltop Hoods

Hilltop Hoods recently returned with their stunning new single ‘Clark Griswold’, and it’s turned out to be an absolute banger. Featuring Adrian Eagle on vocals, this celebration of South Aussie talent has resonated with listeners enough to see it score the honour of being this week’s second most-played track. There’s a pretty strong chance this one could crack the Hottest 100 this year, but will it be enough to get the Hilltop Hoods past that #3 spot at long last?

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5. Dean Lewis

Dean Lewis recently dropped his new single ‘Be Alright’, and fans are absolutely here for it. The lead single from Lewis’ upcoming album, we’re pretty certain that this is set to be one of the year’s biggest releases. Currently serving as this week’s seventh most-played track, you can be certain this one will be hanging around for some time to come.


CHVRCHES dropped their latest album, Love Is Dead, a couple of months ago, and fans couldn’t get enough of its brilliant tunes. Now, with the group having also performed at Splendour In The Grass recently, it’s hardly any surprise that their slick tracks have seen them get enough airplay to score a place on this list.

3. Skegss

Skegss are also hopping on the ‘new album coming soon’ train, with My Own Mess slated to be released in early September. Not content with letting their reputation as one of Australia’s best live acts do the talking for them, the group recently dropped their newest tune, ‘Smogged Out’. Fans have clearly been digging it as well, with the track being named this week’s third most-played.

2. Ocean Alley

Ocean Alley have been one of the biggest Aussie bands of 2018, and there has hardly been a week where they haven’t made it into the list of most-played acts on triple j. With listeners loving the group’s stunning sound, you can expect the group to keep riding the wave of success, with their brilliant tunes continuously winning them new fans.

1. Golden Features

Golden Features recently dropped his debut album, SECT, and fans have been going wild for this stunning collection of tunes. With the record recently serving as triple j’s feature album, you can be certain that we’ll be hearing plenty more in the coming weeks from this stunning producer who continues to capture our hearts and imagination with every single track they drop.

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triple j’s most-played tracks for the week:

1. ‘Talia’ – King Princess
2. ‘Clark Griswold (feat. Adrian Eagle)’ – Hilltop Hoods
3. ‘Smogged Out’ – Skegss
4. ‘Eastside (feat. Halsey & Khalid)’ – Benny Blanco
5. ‘Summertime Magic’ – Childish Gambino
7. ‘Be Alright’ – Dean Lewis
8. ‘Sweet Release’ – Hockey Dad
9. ‘Salvation’ – Tash Sultana
10. ‘All Loved Up’ – Amy Shark
11. ‘Eleven’ – Last Dinosaurs
12. ‘Busy Bleeding (feat. Kelly Jansch)’ – The Gooch Palms
13. ‘Molotov’ – Kira Puru
14. ‘Bless (What It’s Like) (feat. Remi & Sensible J)’ – Arno Faraji
15. ‘Couch’ – Eves Karydas
16. ‘Moving On’ – Bad Juju
17. ‘Don’t Be Hiding’ – Middle Kids
18. ‘Clothes I Slept In’ – Luca Brasi
19. ‘TIEDUPRIGHTNOW’ – Parcels
20. ‘Clumsy Love’ – Thelma Plum

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