Triple J seem to be mates with Sticky Fingers again, playing their new song We Can Make The World Glow over the weekend. 

Here’s a refresher in case you’re wondering why this is a big deal: the Sydney rockers were quietly blacklisted from the radio station a few years back following several allegations of misconduct against the band.

Bassist Paddy Cornwall didn’t take too kindly to the banning, going on a mega rant on social media in 2019. “I got something to say, that no one else has the fucking cojones to say in Australia,” he said at the time. “Triple j, fuck you and your fucking artist repertoire. We don’t fucking need you. We don’t want you because you play your fucking bullshit and you’re a bunch of fucking maggots.”

Cornwall claimed then that his band hadn’t actually been blacklisted. “You have not officially blacklisted us. You’ve done nothing, you’ve just backed out like the bunch of fucking sheep you are. So respond — from me, not from Sticky nor the boys, grow some and fucking have it.”

Cornwall did apologise the following year for his rant, saying “it was my actions last year that ultimately soured the relationship”, but it’s still been a while since Sticky have seen regular airtime on the station.

On Sunday, September 26th, though, ‘We Can Make The World Glow’ was played on Triple j, confirmed by @triplejplays on Twitter. Sticky took a screenshot of that tweet and posted it on their Instagram. “Thanks for the spin @triple_j. Shoot em a text on 0439 757 555 if you wanna here more. Big love xx,” they wrote.

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Fans were quick to react in the comments, with several writing “About time”. “The world really is ending,” someone else comically said.

Will this mark the rebuilding of a fruitful relationship? One song play at a time I guess.

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Check out ‘We Can Make The World Glow’ by Sticky Fingers: