We’re mere weeks from the end of 2019, and now triple j Unearthed has unveiled its list of most-played artists for the year.

No matter how you look at it, 2018 has been a stunning year for Aussie musicians. With Matt Corby taking out the J Award for Australian Album of the Year, Tones And I topping charts around the world, and the likes of Horror My Friend and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets delivering huge live shows at every turn, Aussies sure love their local talent.

Now, as we close out the year that has been 2019, triple j Unearthed have unveiled the list of the 50 most-played acts on Unearthed Radio for the year.

Coming at the top of the list is none other than Melbourne duo Cry Club, who have spent the year dishing out cracking tunes, and even won a spot on the upcoming Falls Festival lineup recently.

The talent doesn’t stop there though, with the likes of the global smash that is Tones And I, Fergus James, Nerve, and Spacey Jane rounding out the top five.

To complement this list, triple j Unearthed also took a bit of a deep dive into some of this year’s stats, revealing that Unearthed Radio in 2019 saw 4,026 different songs (a 5% decrease from last year) by 2,310 different artists (a 4% decrease) racking up a total of 136,077 plays (an increase of just under 1,000). No matter how you slice it, that’s an impressive accomplishment.

Check out the fall list below, and be sure to hit up triple j Unearthed for some fancy graphs and intriguing stats about the past year on the airwaves.

Check out ‘DTFM’ by Cry Club:


50 most-played artists on triple j Unearthed Radio for 2019

1. Cry Club
2. Tones And I
3. Fergus James
4. Nerve
5. Spacey Jane
6. Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
7. Tasman Keith
8. Asha Jefferies
9. RedHook
10. Stevan
12. Yours Truly
13. Arno Faraji
14. Birdz
15. Jess Day
16. Milan Ring
17. San Mei
18. Approachable Members Of Your Local Community
19. Dulcie
20. Choomba
21. Good Doogs
22. Adrian Eagle
23. The Chats
24. RAT!hammock
25. BOI
26. Windwaker
27. Noah Dillon
29. These New South Whales
30. Stevie Jean
31. Triple One
32. Ro
33. Taj Ralph
34. Chase Atlantic
35. Austen
36. The Flowers
37. Debbies
38. Essie Holt
39. Johnny Hunter
40. Denise Le Menice
41. The Vanns
42. Death By Denim
43. The Gooch Palms
44. Horror My Friend
45. The Beautiful Monument
46. Dave Winnel
47. Ivey
48. yergurl
49. Tobiahs
50. BRUX