Trophy Eyes need no introduction by now. With critically acclaimed albums and a multitude of bands who already call them an inspiration, it is very clear the band have solidified their spot in the rock and punk scenes.

The band has proven themselves to be eclectic and well-versed in the happenings of the music world time and time again, always fusing a vast mix of influences into their own tunes.

And when they’re not busy making pop-punk perfection, they’ve confessed to scrolling through their tagged posts on Instagram, where they see hundreds of posts each day. The ones that stand out to them the most, they’ve highlighted, are tattoo posts, which they never get tired of. Second to those are food posts, which, understandably, are equally as respected.

“It means a lot to us to have fans share their passion for the music and culture, or what a song means to them personally, because that’s what it’s all about at the end the day – what the individual takes away from it personally and how they wish to perceive it,” said the band.

“Seeing those feelings and thoughts in a tangible form is not only cool for us, but really special!”

So get excited Trophy Eyes fans, your tattoos are being seen by the band. Really makes you wonder who else is scrolling through their tagged posts in their downtime.

Here are some of their faves that they’ve been tagged in across the years. A real highlight is how fans have been creative with the signature Chemical Miracle palm tree symbol.

Sick band tattoos are like oxygen, we absolutely need them to survive. This fan has turned Chemical Miracle into a tropical paradise and we’re obsessed.

“I’m still breathing” is a lyric Trophy Eyes fans love to use on their tattoos, and it just translates so well in ink.

These fans have fused death motifs with beautiful florals, really bringing out the essence of Trophy Eyes’ music.

Continuing on with the palm tree motif, these fans have gone on the simple path. Trophy Eyes love a bit of minimalism, so it’s no surprise that these tats are some of their faves.

This one is absolutely insane, and even comes from a Melbourne tattoo artist. Not only do Trophy Eyes adore this tatt, but so do we.