Seeing as how Lil Pump is all in on the Trump train, we might as well start calling him by his new nickname that was accidentally bestowed upon him by the president.

So Lil Pump is the latest in a long list of rappers who have disappointed many fans by revealing themselves to be Trump supporters, and he really went full MAGA at the president’s last campaign rally on Monday when he rocked up as a surprise guest.

But the big moment of that night wasn’t Trump, the speeches, or Lil Pump’s surprise appearance.

No, the big moment was when Trump inadvertently gave his favourite new rapper a new nickname after one of his usual line flubs.

During the rally, Trump decided to generously yield the spotlight briefly to Lil Pump and introduced the rapper as such: “Speaking of sound, music and other things, one of the big superstars of the world, Little Pimp.”

Little. Pimp.

Trump immediately knew he screwed up as he quickly corrected himself (as per Variety): “There he is. How’s it going? You want to come up and say something? Come on, Little Pump, come on up here.”

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But the damage is done and Lil Pump shall be known as Little Pimp from henceforth.

Joking aside, Little Pimp’s Lil Pump’s newly-revealed status as a Trump supporter hasn’t gone down too well with fans. You know it’s bad when Bella Hadid goes out of her way to call you a “loser” for “trying so hard to be famous, that you publicly endorse a president just for clout.”

Well look, we’re not here to judge anyone’s political affiliation and stuff like that. If Little Pimp Lil Pump wants to endorse Trump then so be it.

Apropos of nothing, I wonder when the 50 Cent-esque backtrack is going to happen for the ‘Gucci Gang’ rapper.