Tone Deaf and Amrap are continuing in 2024 to ask music directors or presenters at some of the finest community stations around Australia to share their best Australian music finds discovered on

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This week, Simon Winkler, Music Content Producer at 3RRR, contributes with a list of Australian music from community radio you should be listening to right now.

Sui Zhen – “Sleepless”

The extraordinary new single from Sui Zhen, “Sleepless” is a moving 13-minute composition. It blends post-punk influences with spoken word, melodic hooks, and a mix of electronic and live instrumentation. It’s a powerful anthem of resilience, and a profound exploration of grief and perseverance.

King Stingray – “Through the Trees”

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King Stingray make their anticipated return with “Through the Trees”, a captivating blend of surf-rock and traditional Yolŋu manikay. The song tells a layered story, following a man’s solitary journey through the bush, guided by the buzzing of a native bee towards a group of people who welcome him. Metaphorically the song explores the concept of time, the importance of presence, and the rewards of overcoming challenges.

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Grace Cummings – “Ramona”

The title track from Grace Cummings’ new album is a memorable display of the Australian singer-songwriter’s unique artistry. It’s filled with expressive vocals and lush orchestration. Drawing inspiration from Bob Dylan’s “To Ramona”, Cummings explores themes of vulnerability and self-expression through the lens of a character, finding safety in the act of playing a part.

Hooper Crescent – “Ex-Cub Factor”

“Ex-Cub Factor” is the concluding song from Hooper Crescent’s brilliant second album, Essential Tremors. It’s an introspective moment carried by their signature rhythmic charge, featuring heavy synths, drum machines and reflective vocals. In an album filled with highlights, the song shows the band’s skilful balance of post-punk energy and experimental new wave elements, constantly evolving and exploring new ideas.

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Elsy Wameyo – “SINNER”

Elsy Wameyo’s latest single is a bold exploration of psychedelic, hip hop, soul, and R&B influences. Raps intertwine with eerie vocal samples over a marching kick beat, creating a captivating soundscape. The track’s introspective lyrics delve into the struggle between good and evil, continuing Wameyo’s exploration of spirituality and personal growth through her music.

RONA. – “Be My Medicine”

RONA.’s first release of 2024, “Be My Medicine,” is a dynamic dance track with an echoing vocal hook – “you can be my medicine” – that repeats amidst acid-tinged arpeggiating synths. Grounded in place and time, the song features field recordings from Kaytetye Country, adding a unique connection to the land. “Be My Medicine” is also a dedication to healing and the people and spaces that provide solace and re-grounding.

Moktar + Saad El Soghayar – “Haraka حركة”

Moktar is an acclaimed and pioneering producer and his latest track, “Haraka ‘حركة'”, is a reinterpretation of Egyptian singer Saad El Soghayar’s “Hatgawez” that initially began as a studio jam with no intentions to release it. Fortunately for us, Astral People Recordings are now sharing it with the world. The 160bpm track combines Moktar’s love for jungle music with the melodies and rhythms of Egyptian shaabi music, a genre he grew up listening to. “Haraka ‘حركة” holds personal significance for Moktar as it features a sample approved by Saad himself. The song thus becomes a celebration of his heritage and a tribute to the music that shaped him.

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Logic1000 – “Promises” (ft.. Rochelle Jordan) (VIP Remix)

Logic1000, the moniker of Berlin-based producer Samantha Poulter, has released a VIP remix of recent single “Promises” featuring Rochelle Jordan. The track served as a prelude to her debut album, Mother, and shows Poulter’s signature sound – a masterful mix of melodic hooks, intricate rhythms and emotive electronic production. The album itself is a testament to Poulter’s personal growth and resilience, as she crafted the record during a period of intense self-reflection and transformation. Alongside the album, Poulter has also launched a new podcast series, Logic1000 & Heléna Star Present Therapy, which delves into the challenges faced by women in the music industry, particularly in regard to motherhood and mental health.

Jess Ribeiro – “Jump the Gun”

“Jump The Gun” is the latest single from Jess Ribeiro’s forthcoming album Summer of Love, out on Poison City Records. As always, it’s a testament to Ribeiro’s ability to craft genre-defying music that explores the complexities of the human experience. The track features an all-star lineup, with drums and percussion from Jim White (The Dirty Three/Xylouris White) and Dave Mudie (Courtney Barnett), and a memorable saxophone solo by Darcy McNulty (Jazz Party). Ribeiro’s vocals shine through the distorted guitars and rising synths, creating an almost industrial-rock-pop sound that reflects the impulsive and hasty mind described in the lyrics.

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