As the United States continues to feud it out over right wing and left wing supporters, musicians are shouting their opinion about President Donald Trump.

Even though many music fans dislike the mixture of politics with their favourite musicians, many bands and artists have strong opinions on the current leader of the United States, with some calling for him to resign, while others reckon he’s doing a spot-on job.

The latest to speak out on the Trump presidency is Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider, following guitarist Jay Jay French citing the president as “a functionally illiterate racist.”

As Snider had previously been familiar with Trump following his appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice, the frontman took to Twitter earlier this week to share a meme of the president in an embrace with Russian leader Vladmir Putin.

As many fans were quick to send their rebuttal to Snider, he once again took to Twitter to note that it’s not just him who thinks of the president as a joke, but notes that many countries throughout the joke find him to be “a fucking joke.”

“Honestly, I travel all over the globe and it’s embarrassing how they view the president of our country,” he noted. “To see pictures like this in papers, online, on t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs all over the world is humiliating to me as an American. #MAKEAMERICAAMERICAAGAIN”

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Soon after posting this, a commenter reached out stating, “I actually communicate with quite a few Europeans on Facebook, and most of them say that Trump hate in their countries is highly exaggerated in American press.”

Snider was quick to disagree, posing the question, “Do your really want to compare passport stamps with me & @TraciiGuns?

“You’re reading shit on your twitter feed, while we are traveling the damn world, walking the streets, meeting & conversing with world citizens. They don’t think Trump is a joke, THEY THINK HE’S A FUCKING JOKE!”