Sorry, hair metal fans. It looks like a Twisted Sister reunion is not on the cards, as frontman Dee Snider remarks “I don’t know if I see that happening in this lifetime.”

Twisted Sister rode the wave of popularity in the ’80s when hair metal became all the rage. Following that surge in popularity, the band quickly ceased working together in 1988, before reuniting sporadically between 2001 and 2016, going on to put forth their final albums Still Hungry in 2004, and A Twisted Christmas in 2006.

For those who were hoping that there’d be another reunion in the cards, frontman Dee Snider stated in a recent chat with SirusXM’s Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk that he doesn’t reckon that will happen.

“Look, I know that some of my band members have recently said ‘never say never.’ I wrote a song called ‘Never Say Never’ many years ago, so I’ll go with that for their benefit, but I will say this: it was so hard fought to find a Dee Snider [solo] sound, to find my place in the community, the metal community. Mentally, if I do anything moving forward, I want it to be continuing on this path that I finally found.”

Following that, Snider noted that he’s got a bit of other things on his mind lately: “As I sit here thinking about, okay, I’ve got these movies I’m gonna make, I just wrote this novel, I’m working on a second novel, my brain is going, ‘Where is the follow-up to For The Love Of Metal?’ That’s something that I really wanna do,” he detailed.

“So in the long line of things I’ve got on there, Twisted would have to come after that, and then we’d get to be — like, what? — in our 70’s. So I don’t know if I see that happening — in this lifetime.”

Dee Snider isn’t the only one who has chatted about a potential future reunion. Guitarist Eddie Ojeda chatted with Talking Metal last June saying that he’d “never say never” as it completely “depends on the situation.”

As for guitarist Jay Jay French, he has stated that he’s “blissfully retired,” and has “never looked back.”

Check out ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ by Twisted Sister:


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