Tyler, the Creator was questioned about an OFWGKTA reunion during a Converse Creative All Star series event in London. He downplayed its likelihood, but remained ambivalent.

“I would be open to it, but I think everyone is kinda past that,” said Tyler. The Los Angeles hip hop collective has been inactive since 2015, but the fame of its individual members has only increased since then.

Tyler admitted he was wary of getting the group back together if there was nothing new to say. “I think some people base it on nostalgia rather than like, ‘Would it actually be good?’ Like, we don’t always need a Bad Boys 5.”

That said, he didn’t have glowing praise for the group’s collected works, most of which was made when Tyler was still a teenager. “It was just a fun time, but musically, it’s like, ‘Uh, coulda did better,'” he said.

Watch: Odd Future (Hodgy, Domo Genesis, Tyler, the Creator) – Rella

Odd Future came together in LA in around 2007. Tyler was only 16 at the time, while Earl Sweatshirt was just 13. Other early members included Domo Genesis, Hodgy (aka Hodgy Beats) and Matt Martians of The Internet. They’d later be joined by Frank Ocean the Internet’s Syd.

The collective attracted a following with a couple of mixtapes and 2011’s 12 Odd Future Songs compilation, which consisted of songs previously released by its members’ other projects. The group’s one official album was 2012’s The OF Tape Vol. 2, which contains the triumphant ten minute song ‘Oldie’.

It’s a posse cut featuring vocals from Tyler, Hodgy, Left Brain, Mike G, Domo Genesis, Jasper Dolphin, Earl and Frank Ocean. At one point Tyler – who by this stage was an established solo artist and clothing line manager – famously boasts “I started an empire, I ain’t even old enough to drink a fucking beer.”

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Watch: Odd Future – Oldie

Tyler hasn’t ruled out a reunion, however, saying “I don’t know if the styles would mesh much with everyone. But, who knows, this could change in six weeks.”