Legendary Irish band U2 have angered pro-life fans after tweeting out support of the upcoming referendum on abortion. On May 25th, Irish voters will be voting to potentially repeal a sector of the Irish Consitution that gives unborn fetuses the same right to life as the mother.

The band tweeted a graphic that featured the text “repeal the 8th”, which although garnered a great deal of respect from many fans for supporting the issue, many have noted their disappointment in the band.

“Don’t live in Ireland, but heck no, would not vote to repeal it. U2 – please get back to promoting peace and bringing awareness to real injustices. This is not a woman’s choice issue, but a choice for ending a life or not!” responded one fan to the tweet.

One fan even went on the mention that they can no longer possibly seperate U2’s music from this view, saying “this breaks my heart. I have loved and followed you for 20 years. I still love you but I can’t follow you down this road. My tickets to upcoming shows will go unused,”

Another fan tweeted, “So disappointed. A fan since the release of the single ‘Fire’ back in the day.  I’m pro-choice as I believe God is. All our choices are our choices and should be freely made But to support abortion?? And this coming from such a Life loving, Life giving band. #sosad #don’tgetit”

“U2 ‘two hearts beat as one’ Why do you want to stop the unborn baby’s heart from beating ? #savethe8th,” another tweet read.

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