A US town seems to be one of the only places in the world where Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ isn’t a hit, with Wellesley asking fans to stop stealing signs bearing the song’s name.

Street sign theft is one of those things that is surprisingly common amongst the general public. While people usually steal signs with interesting names, many young people may at some point face peer pressure to steal a sign that features their own name.

However, quirky signs are frequent targets as well. While a few US states have implemented a 419.9 mile marker to stop fans of the chronic from stealing their 420 signs, a Byron Bay council wrote Parkway Drive’s name on the road to stop fans from nabbing the iconic sign.

Now, it seems that the latest cause for sign theft is none other than Lil Nas X, whose chart-topping track ‘Old Town Road’ has become a sore point for the town of Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Check out another remix of Lil Nas X’s chart-topping hit:

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As The Swellesley Report notes, fans of Lil Nas X have been flocking to the actual Old Town Road in Wellesley, intent on stealing a now-famous street sign.

As it turns out though, this has become something of a major headache for city officials, who have reported that the sign has been swiped at least three times so far, causing a costly replacement process for the town.

“The behavior is likely the work of individuals playing pranks, but it costs the Town a lot of time and money to locate, repair — and where the signs and posts are damaged — replace, and reinstall the signs,” explained Wellesley communications and project manager Stephanie Hawkinson.

While the prank seems to be done in fun, Hawkinson notes that emergency services can be delayed by such an incident, potentially putting people at risk.

“[It] could mean life or death for someone in need,” Hawkinson adds. “I know it sounds dramatic, but it’s a very real and frightening possibility.”

In related news, Lil Nas X opened up about the success of ‘Old Town Road’, citing “meme culture” as the reason for its massive rise to fame.

“I’m happy it’s become a part of so many people’s lives,” he explained. “Kids are going to grow up with that song and play it to remember these times, which makes me feel amazing.”

Check out ‘Old Town Road’ by Lil Nas X:

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