Vera Blue takes the assignment of thinking about which albums to take with her to a desert island very seriously.

It’s not just about the music she likes or that she makes. She’s also thought about the impact an album, or even just a song within an album, could have on her energy, her mood, her motivation and her hunger.

“I actually found it really hard,” Vera explains. “There were some no-brainers and then I had to kind of sacrifice a few, because I really wanted to have music that had everything you need for every emotion or things that reminded you of places.

“I kind of just wanted something that had different sounds, and different vibes, different emotions and lots of different kinds of artists as well… It was so hard to pick them.”

In essence, no album on this list from Vera Blue is a mistake. Here, she reveals which three albums she’d take with her and why.

Vera also newly announced that her excellent second album, Mercurial, will be given a special deluxe digital release on May 12th. A limited edition 2-LP white deluxe version is also available to pre-order via the singer-songwriter’s official store.

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Harry Styles – Harry’s House 

I’m a giant Harry Styles fan, so I cannot live without Harry. Harry’s House is one of my favourites. I listen to it on vinyl, I listen to it in the car, and I’m very happy it’s on the radio a lot.

I think it’s just one of those albums that has something for everyone. It has all the different moods, and if I was stuck on an island, a desert island, if I listened to it, it would make me feel like partying, it would make me feel a little bit sad sometimes, it would make me feel happy, uplifted, and it’s got a little bit of quirky energy.

There’s also that song “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” which would make you very hungry for fish. So I’d probably go fishing. My favourite songs are “Little Freak” and “As It Was”. I just love it.

Angus and Julia Stone

The second album would have to be Angus and Julia Stone, the self-titled album, the deluxe one. It’s got songs like “Wherever You Are” and “A Heartbreak”.

I think when I listen to Angus and Julia Stone, it just reminds me of home, because I got into Angus and Julia Stone when I was quite young and they inspired me to write songs. This album in particular has lots of really cool folk rock elements, they’re the kind of voices that just never get old, so I think you can just listen to them forever.

And I know them both personally, so it would also make me miss them. But the big thing about that album, their music, their whole repertoire is that it reminds me of home.

Coldplay – Ghost Stories

I think also Coldplay’s Ghost Stories would be amazing. It would be kind of hectic if it was really hot and there was no water to drink because I have listened to this album a few times in the summer rain. I’ve gone on a long walk and it would be raining and I’ve been like, “This is so nice,” so I guess I’d be thinking about how thirsty I am while listening to the album, and I would also be praying for some rain.

But I think this album also has lots of healing qualities. It kind of makes me feel new again. I can listen to it top to bottom and I feel different. So I think it kind of sets the tone for a day.

My favourites from that are “Magic” and “O”. I think they’re super beautiful. I think Chris Martin is just the most incredible lyricist and melody writer. He’s just so amazing.

So, it’s one of those albums that just makes me feel fresh again.

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