Vera Blue returns with ‘Temper,’ her first new single of the year.

The 80s-pop indebted track is sexy, and fizzling with a sugary euphoria, making for one of the god damn catchiest pop songs to come out of the country this year.

“I don’t know whether it’s made up, but people always say redheads are a bit fiery, and that we have a bit of a short fuse,” Vera says of the track.

“This song’s about grabbing hold of that emotion and trying to suppress it so you don’t scare your partner away. It makes me dance, but it’s also got that emotional edge.”

Vera wrote ‘Temper’ alongside her friend and creative confidante Carla Whebe and producer Robby De Sa (Gretta Ray, MAY-A.) She then took the song to her long-time collaborators Andy and Tom Mak, with whom she wrote a bridge and added in beloved Vera Blue hallmarks — loose-limbed, ornate electronic flourishes.

“We threw some fresh production at it and it blossomed into this banging ‘80s track that we love,” she explains.

The song is a testament to Vera’s recent infatuation with the electric guitar, an instrument that has proven to be a source of inspiration for her over the past twelve months. There’s a glimmering picked-out guitar line that permeates throughout the track; our first taste of the next era of Vera Blue.

The track marks a songwriting heel-turn for the musician, it’s the first offering she’s penned not from her perspective, but from the vibe she’s picked up on those around her. “It’s really interesting writing a song about what you’re not feeling at the time — it just flows because it’s almost like you’re out of body, so I found it quite enjoyable,” she says of the songwriting process.

“Writing “Temper” was about experimenting, and making me feel something different from music, which I love.”

To celebrate the release of ‘Temper’, Vera Blue has shared a special live performance of the track, recorded as part of her appearance at Splendour XR. Check it out below.

Watch Vera Blue perform ‘Temper’ live for Splendour XR

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