WA-based musician Eli Greeneyes has shared the new clip for ‘She Don’t Care’ and we’re excited to be sharing it as our latest Video of the Week.

‘She Don’t Care’ features so much of what we already know we love about Eli Greeneyes, but with plenty of innovation to spark a thrill upon every new listen.

It’s guitar-driven, loaded with powerful pop and features nothing short of impassioned lyrics. It’ll only take you one listen to realise that it has all the vibes of a track from the early 2000s, but written for a 2021 audience.

Speaking on the inspiration behind ‘She Don’t Care’, Greeneyes says, “’She Don’t Care’ is about someone from my past who came along at a time when I was having a lot of mental health issues.”

“Their intentions were extremely different to mine and I was listening to them too much instead of trusting my own intentions and instincts! I lost myself,” he continued.

“When I wrote it I thought it was their fault, but now I realise that I also played a part in letting it take that direction. I had to write this song to gain back my true ‘not taking shit’ self.”

The video for ‘She Don’t Care’ is overflowing with attitude and it’s the perfect visual representation of the frustration and angst behind the song itself.

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Watch the music video for ‘She Don’t Care’ by Eli Greeneyes:

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