Freestyle dancing E^ST is our all-time favourite E^ST. Thankfully, her new video for ‘I WANNA BE HERE‘ has a whole lot of just that.

E^ST (aka Melisa Bester) dropped the latest single from her debut album I’M DOING IT last week, gaining even more momentum for one of the most anticipated Australian records of 2020.

Check out the video for E^ST’s ‘I WANNA BE HERE’:

‘I WANNA BE HERE’ may have been sparked by a period of turbulent times, but it’s as poptastic and dance-inducing than ever from this South African-Australian wunderkind.

“I wrote this song at a really difficult time in my life, and it’s almost like I wrote the song that I needed to hear,” she said. “This song is about realising that just because life feels impossible, that doesn’t mean that it is impossible… And that as long as you’re trying something, there’s always hope.”

The track is a bold alt-pop statement of assertiveness and the video is no different. Filmed vertically for your iPhone viewing pleasure, the clip sees Eliza Huybers take the director reins for a shining portrayal of solo revelation.

‘I WANNA BE HERE’ was produced by E^ST’s longtime collaborator Jim Eliot (Halsey, Ellie Goulding, Kylie Minogue) and is lifted from I’M DOING IT, out this Friday July 31.

E^ST has had a banner career since stepping onto the scene at 16 years old with debut single “Old Age”. Having previously supported artists such as Panic! At The Disco and Twenty One Pilots on tour, having clocked over 60 million streams, and having written for everyone from Noah Cyrus to Nicole Millar, 2020 is the year when E^ST truly comes into her own.