Isolation has been kind to one Phebe Starr, the Australian indie-pop darling who has been flying the flag in America since her relocation last year.

Phebe Starr has unleashed the first taste of her upcoming debut album, Heavy Metal Flower Petal, and it’s a beautiful trip through global mayhem, uncertainty and the true north of nature. Complete with sweeping melodies, multi-instrumentalism from Valla Beach, and raw feminine energy, ‘DAFFODILS’ stands up alongside her past singles and our favourite releases by Haim and Lana del Rey.

The video, created from two polaroids and super 8 footage, wasn’t the intended visual for the clip. Phebe Starr had planned a choreographed dance video to tell her story of universal connection. However, as shown by previous artwork and visuals for tracks like ‘TOUCH XXX‘ and ‘Ice Tea Liberace’, this clip is yet another beautiful visit into the glorious mind of Phebe Starr.

Phebe Starr says of ‘DAFFODILS’:

“For me songs are little premonitions or droplets from heaven that cradle me into safety knowing there are bigger powers at be.

“When I wrote this song about having a conversation with a flower it was mid-2019 I’d organised a choreographed dance to be filmed in March. The dance symbolised our relationship with nature and its parallels with our relationship towards femininity and rest.

“How so many plans have changed now and although I didn’t get to make that video I feel this time of isolation has brought forth the conversation of stillness and how we cope with the fragility of life. I made this video from two polaroids and some old super 8 footage I had.”

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Check out Phebe Starr’s video for ‘DAFFODILS’

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Phebe Starr has garnered over 10 million streams across the globe, and has recently signed with Jade Nazareth at Our Secret Handshake management, who has worked alongside artists such as Arcade Fire, Paul McCartney, Lykke Li and FKAtwigs.

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