Violent Soho are on a major roll right now. They’re on the cusp of one of the biggest tours of the year and their latest album, Waco, was recently unveiled to a wave of acclaim from fans and critics alike.

It also happens to be doing pretty well in the charts. Though it was facing some stiff competition, the eagerly anticipated cut from the Mansfield boys managed to hit the coveted top spot of the ARIA Albums Chart.

But as we’ve previously covered, the top spot of the ARIA Albums Chart is an accolade whose criteria are variable. But you may be interested to know that Violent Soho actually managed to shift some serious units.

Earlier today, News Corp reported that leopard-printed bozo Redfoo had only managed to move 144 copies of his latest album, comparing his numbers with that of Soho, who managed to sell an impressive 9,799 copies of Waco.

As we reported late last month, Violent Soho and their label I OH YOU celebrated their Number 1 album the only way a band like Violent Soho could, doing it in true 420 fashion by packing a bowl in their ARIA chart award.

When we recently caught up with Violent Soho frontman Luke Boerdam, he told us that the purpose behind Waco was to prove that the band could make lightning strike twice following the success of 2013’s Hungry Ghost.

“It’s not like we wanted to do an OK Computer or make another breakthrough record, but for a lot of bands it’s tough to do a follow-up to a breakthrough record, because so many fans just want a 2.0,” Boerdam explained.

“But to do that would be to throw out everything we learnt about how to make music on Hungry Ghost, which is to be ultimately selfish and play your cards and say no, this is what we think and how we like our music, and with WACO, it’s a more mature version of Hungry Ghost.”