Void of Vision have announced the release of their new album, What I’ll Leave Behind.

Scheduled for release on September 20th, the metalcore band’s album is described as a raw journey into the ravaged psyche of lead vocalist Jack Bergin, who uses his music as a cathartic outlet to express and process his experiences.

Moving away from metaphor-laden lyrics to embrace brutal honesty, the album promises to be a deeply personal and introspective work, focusing on themes of life, mortality, and the legacy one leaves behind.

There’s a major reason for that: in early 2022, Berlin woke up in an ambulance, uncertain of how he’d arrived there. He’d suffered a seizure in the middle of the night, with an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) soon being the official diagnosis by doctors. Bergin was discharged from medical care 10 days later, and told to “avoid activities that raise blood pressure.” But Bergen soldiered on, shooting an intense music video for a Void of Vision single just days after leaving his hospital bed.

While the band carried on with all commitments, Bergin soon started to feel exhausted by it all, ultimately forcing him to take a step back from full-on band life. More bad news was around the corner though, when Bergin suffered a headache bad enough to send him back to hospital in 2023.

Scans revealed that the AVM had ruptured, and he was suffering a brain bleed, which meant surgery was now essential. Immediately it became clear that Void Of Vision’s schedule needed to be wiped clean, as Bergin was hospitalised for the foreseeable future. Bergin understandably experienced an existential crisis.

“Trying to make music for a living is like a bloodsport, but one where even moments of triumph can feel hollow,” Bergin shares. “At times I felt totally over it, fed up with giving literally everything for people to just not give a shit, at others I’d be mad at myself for indulging in a pity party. My feelings were a constant juxtaposition.”

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Out of this existential state Void of Vision’s new album was born. “The album is a reflection, on and of everything; coming to terms with life and mortality,  finding inner peace from within the impact crater,” Bergin says.

The album announcement coincides with the release of the band’s intense new single and video, “Gamma Knife”, a track that delves deep into personal transformation and the aftermath of Bergin’s health scare.

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“To truly discover if everything I went through in the healing process would change me and everything around me for the better. I felt like the idea of going through radio-surgery figuratively felt like it was not only destroying the malformation in my brain but also a negative version of myself I needed to leave in the past,” he explains.

In the same month they release their new album, Void of Vision will support Parkway Drive on their 20th anniversary tour around Australia.

Void of Vision’s “Gamma Knife” is out now. What I’ll Leave Behind is out September 20th via UNFD.

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