Attempting some serious laugh-so-you-don’t-cry ~vibes~ John Hopkins University has taken the piss out of coronavirus with a ridiculous WAP parody about the very serious topic of wearing a face mask amidst the pandemic.

While we’re sure the peeps over at the university had the best of intentions in mind, the question of whether they actually nailed the message certainly remains.

The WAP in the original charming tune by Nicki Minaj which stood for Wet Ass Pussy has been updated by the parody to a very g-rated and extremely polite, “wear a mask, please.” Cute.

The message that the university *tried* to deliver in this laughable clip is the importance of wearing a face covering. They do so by showing some people in masked up bird (?) onesies bopping down some uni corridors to the beat. The best scene is undoubtedly when the creature starts rolling around in a bathtub full of surgical face masks, which we begrudgingly admit may have gotten a lol out of us.

The cringey two and a half minute clip is packed with genius lyrics such as, “when you go out to the shop you’ve got to wear a mask, please. Don’t just hold it like a prop, you’ve got to wear a mask, please.” Which is repeated approximately 56680+ times.

While we’re all for *ahem* spreading the message that everyone should wear a mask [please], the recent COVID-19 outbreak on Sydney’s northern beaches mere days before Christmas has caused a lot of angst and stress. For this reason (and so many more), we’re not sure if the corny clip is the right way to approach the current delicate and deadly situation.

Despite this, we can’t stop replaying these new lyrics in our head whenever we hear WAP and we kinda hate ourselves for it. RIP original WAP (though, perhaps, for the best TBH).

Watch the tragic clip for yourself below: