There’s nothing scarier for musos (myself included) than child prodigies that can give you a beating, especially when they are 20 years your junior and play your chosen instrument.

This ‘fear’ is what many drummers are surely feeling currently as four-year-old drummer Justin Wilson II makes his viral YouTube rounds.

In the video below, Justin is seen dishing out a filthy groove that descends into a wonderfully colourful solo that mixes chops and groove to perfection- playing with the maturity of a 30-year-old pro in a four-year-old’s body.

The bassist of the band that he is jamming with can’t even continue playing, but just has to stop and watch the little man go. Check it out below.

Four-year-old drummer makes all other drummers feel bad

New Five Finger Death Punch drummer Chris Kael noted that the bassist was like “ummmm I’m gonna go fuck myself. For the record, I would have, too.”

To be fair, there are millions of great drummer in the world, including right here at home. However, it’s pretty flipping amazing watching a kid this size produce sounds like this. More child prodigy videos included below for those of you who are missing out on the feels.

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