Today in unexpected band merch, Weezer have unveiled the new, ah, robot vacuum cleaner they’re spruiking.  

That’s right, it seems there must be a correlation between people who love cleaning gadgets and people who listen to alt-rock bands as Weezer are offering up the ‘Wroomba’.

To break the whole wacky situation down, the branded merchandise was manufactured by iRobot and is simply a Roomba i7 vacuum cleaner with a Weezer CD skin. Yep, the vacuum is emblazoned with a font from the band’s upcoming 15th studio album, Van Weezer.

With the album set to drop next month, it’s low-key genius marketing when you think about it. I mean, who among us hasn’t chucked on a record to help distract from the monotony of cleaning?

Of course, the ‘Wroomba’ has come with totally unbiased testimonials from the band, with drummer Pat Wilson calling it “so much better at cleaning than human Rivers [Cuomo].”

“Besides that, according to a totally real and not-at-all fake statistic, “Studies show that 9/10 humans have dreamed of Weezer cleaning their house. But it simply wasn’t possible… until now.”

Unfortunately, the product comes with a catch, as Wroomba’s official website doesn’t allow purchases.

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Instead, the only way to potentially get your hands on one of the bad boys is to enter a competition. As it turns out, five Weezer fans will receive the Wroomba for free by signing up to the mailing list. Some light spam is totally worth it for such a genius product, right?

Well, may the odds be ever in your favour.

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Check out a trailer for the Wroomba robot vacuum cleaner from Weezer: