Being an indie artist can be tough, from the lack of financial support to higher rates of mental illness the odds are often stacked against those wanting to make music from their art.

If that wasn’t enough leaning about behind the scenes programs like copyright law and licensing can be confusing at best and anger inducing at worst. That’s why we’re decided to break it down and give you the need-to-know basics on something that can benefit many indie artists and that’s digital distribution.

Essentially it’s the ‘go to’ way to get your music on streaming services nations wide and given the current musical climate it’s a great way to give yourself the opportunity to get heard and earn extra cash.  So when we heard TuneCore, the leading digital music distribution and publishing administration service provider, announce its expansion into Australia with the launch of TuneCore Australia, we thought who better to have a yak with than those who know digital distro like nobody else?

We chatted with TuneCrew CEO Scott Ackerman to dispel the myths and share hidden tips on everything digital distro.

What is TuneCore?

TuneCore is a digital music distribution and artist services company that offers every artist an easy solution for getting their music out to their fans, while collecting all possible revenue from the use and sale of their work. TuneCore does not take a commission, instead giving 100% of income from sales back to the artist. TuneCore also offers publishing opportunities to help artists get their music placed in television, movies, commercials, and more.

TuneCore is committed to empowering independent artists and providing the best solutions for them to reach fans and advance their career.

How Will TuneCore Australia Help Local Talent?

With the launch of TuneCore Australia, independent artists in Australia will now have the ability to receive their royalties directly in Australian dollars eliminating the need for currency exchange. In addition, artists will gain access to local partnerships and customer support.

Current TuneCore Artists based in Australia will continue to receive all of the benefits of our broad, international distribution network and comprehensive music publishing services.

What’s your role at TuneCore?

As the Chief Executive Officer at TuneCore, I oversee TuneCore’s continued expansion across services and continents to support our mission to bring more music to more audiences around the world while also increasing revenue-generating opportunities for artists and songwriters.

How TunesCore Can Benefit Indie Artists

[include_post id=”446764″]At TuneCore, we make it easier than ever for Artists to get music out on the market and in fans’ hands, while also making money through a variety of digital distribution and music publishing services. In Q3 alone, TuneCore Artists earned nearly $35 million (US) contributing to more than 3.6 billion total downloads and streams worldwide during that period.

One of the biggest advantages for our Australian Artists is the relationships we have with digital distribution partners across the globe, giving our customers the opportunity to sell and share their music in important and growing markets, such as India, Latin America, Africa and Russia, as well as the United States and Europe.

Why Artists Need Digital Distro

In today’s music industry, it’s becoming even more important for artists to have their music available on digital channels. iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and other online music services have become powerful platforms for music discovery where consumers can access the music they love and learn about new artists.

With a digital distribution partner like TuneCore, independent artists have access to over 150 digital stores worldwide and high quality products and growth opportunities, while maintaining control and ownership of their work.

What Streaming Platforms Benefit Indie Musos

All streaming platforms are incredibly valuable for independent musicians. Each platform exposes indie musicians to new fans across the globe, allowing them to get their music heard by more people in more places.

TuneCore Success Stories

Many of our artists are finding success around the world, you can see many of their stories here.

Local Australian band, the Jungle Giants have had a great experience with TuneCore Lead singer, Sam Hales had this to say about the service: “TuneCore has played a big part in allowing us to remain independent, and in doing so maintaining creative and financial independence”

How To Find Out More

Artists can go to to find out more information and to register for digital music distribution and/or publishing services.

As always, artists who work with TuneCore have a choice of services they’d like to use. Artists currently registered with TuneCore can continue to work with as they have always done or choose to register with TuneCore Australia. Either way, Artists will maintain ownership in their work and be in complete control of what services they choose to take advantage of for their distribution, publishing and promotion needs.

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