We reckon our Aussie musicians are pretty great. After all, they’ve given us endless hours of joy and entertainment and they ask for so little return, besides maybe the cost of an album or a concert ticket.

We love them unconditionally. However, it’s not like they’ve ever saved our lives or anything, though they’ve certainly changed them. Well, there’s one Bass Coast man who can honestly say he owes his life to an Aussie musician.

According to a recent media release from Bass Coast Police, which readers can read in full below, a certain good samaritan is responsible for saving a blind man from drowning near Phillip Island yesterday evening.

At approximately 4.30pm, two men got into a potentially fatal situation when their small boat tipped approximately 200 metres off the Elizabeth Cove shore. To make matters worse, one of the men involved was blind.

The man clung to the overturned boat “for some time”, braving rough seas as his friend swam to shore to seek help. Fortunately, a brave local man went to his rescue, using his paddle board to reach the blind man in dark and dangerous conditions.

Despite the danger of the situation, the good samaritan managed to rescue the blind man and bring him to the safety of the shore. He was later taken to Wonthaggi Hospital by paramedics where he received treatment for exposure.

***NOT A JOKE***Sam is the "brave local man" in this story.Happened last night on Phillip Island.Cool, huh?

Posted by I am Duckeye onWednesday, July 29, 2015

ANOTHER RESCUE AT THE ISLANDPolice from Cowes and San Remo were involved in a marine rescue on Wednesday evening at…

Posted by Eyewatch – Bass Coast Police Service Area onWednesday, July 29, 2015

Just your run-of-the-mill death-defying sea rescue story, you know the deal. Except it’s now been revealed that the heroic figure who saved the blind man from potential drowning was in fact Sam Haycroft, guitarist for Melbourne rockers I Am Duckeye.

The band recently announced a string of tour dates to celebrate seven years in the irreverent comedy rock (and apparently superhero) business, including a mini-festival scheduled to kick off at The Tote in Collingwood on Saturday, 26th September.

Readers can check below for full tour dates. We suggest readers go out and see the band and maybe buy Sam a beer or two, he’s certainly earned it.

I Am Duckeye National Tour Dates

Friday, 21st August 2015
The Basement, Canberra

Saturday, 22nd August 2015
Musicman, Bendigo

Friday, 18th September 2015
San Remo Hotel, San Remo

Saturday, 26th September 2015
The Tote, Collingwood

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