Now that Jaden Smith and Willow are forging quite the paths in experimental pop, hip hop and RnB, it’s understandable that their Dad/ bank account, Will Smith is starting to get a little jealous.

Even though he’s the only actor to have 8 films gross over $100 million, being creatively and artistically fulfilled still seems to be a concern at the crux of Will Smith’s larger than life being.

Whilst on the red carpet to promote his straight-to-Netflix debut, Bright, HipHopDX posed the question regarding whether he’d be making a return, big Willy style anytime soon.

“I just gotta find that lane; find that way back in,” he said. “It’s a part of my heart. I love it. I make records all the time. I got a ton of stuff that I make at the house. It’s just not stuff that I’m hyped about to be able to feel comfortable letting it into the world. I’m trying to find that inspiration, that thing that sparks me to get back [to music].” said the former Fresh Prince of Bel Air star.

He also went onto discuss working with his longtime collaborator DJ Jazzy Jeff, “I’ve been full in the actor’s mind so me and Jeff start[ed] going out a little bit in the last six-to-eight months [and] we’ve been doing something.” Sounds pretty promising, considering the two debuted a new song onstage at Livewire Festival a few months back, unleashing the anthem ‘Get Lit’ onto an unsuspecting world.

Smith chatted about the music careers his kids are reveling in explaining how inspired he is by them, “That’s a joke, not competitive. When I see those kids they actually inspire me.”

Jaden Smith’s album SYRE was released to mixed acclaim in the hip hop and wider music community with some praising his experimentation.

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