Willow Smith’s musical output has been checkered to be sure. The spawn of Fresh Prince Will Smith and Jada Pinkett first made us shield our ears with 2010’s ‘Whip My Hair’, but she’s since gone on to release an album that was at the very least worthy of dissection.

Last year’s Ardipithecus was 15 tracks of rather obtuse neo-soul, which left critics scratching their heads. Some criticised the album for its undercooked concept and production, but most were still impressed with the album’s ambition and concept.

Perhaps a collaboration with a universally acclaimed, Grammy-nominated, Australian neo-soul outfit might put Smith on the path to being the millennial Erykah Badu? According to Willow Smith herself, she’d settle for just getting to observe our very own Hiatus Kaiyote.

“One of my dream collaborations is to work with a band called Hiatus Kaiyote, because their music is so beautiful, the changing of the time signatures. Nai Palm, the vocalist, I have such an affinity for her voice,” Smith told Interview Magazine.

“And everything that she talks about in her music and everything that she stands for is just so beautiful. And, like Jaden said, not even making music all the time, but just seeing how they live their lives and observing them as a spirit and as a human, it’s so beautiful.”

Hiatus Kaiyote haven’t responded to Smith’s glowing comments, but we’re sure they’d be down for letting Smith observe them as spirits and humans, presumably with a clipboard, meticulously noting what they eat for breakfast and the like.