Content Warning: This article about Ellie Rowsell and Marilyn Manson discusses sexual abuse, domestic violence and racism.

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Wolf Alice vocalist Ellie Rowsell has spoken up about her own alleged instance of misconduct with Marilyn Manson at a music festival.

Following Evan Rachel Wood‘s allegation that her former partner Marilyn Manson had “horrifically abused” her during their relationship, a claim that was subsequently backed up by four other women, several other musicians have spoken up about their own experience with the shock rocker.

Phoebe Bridgers has claimed that Manson boasted about having a “rape room” in his house, while Trent Reznor and Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland have called him out in the wake of these abuse allegations.

Now Wolf Alice singer Ellie Rowsell has shared her own story of alleged misconduct by Manson after they had met at a music festival.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, Rowsell expressed her support to Evan Rachel Wood and all the women “calling out Marilyn Manson” before revealing how she met Manson “a few years ago” at a music festival.

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She claims that she got “suspicious” of his behaviour after “his compliments towards [Wolf Alice] became more and more hyperbolic” and was “shocked to look down and see he was filming up [her] skirt with a GoPro.”

Rowsell then claims that “there were no repercussions for his behaviour, his tour manager simply said ‘he does this kind of thing all the time’.”

“If he does this kind of thing all the time why on earth has he been headlining festivals for so many years?” Rowsell continued. “When will we stop enabling misogynists on the account of their success? Women must feel safe in the male dominated world that is the music industry.”

She then concluded her message by writing: “I wasn’t sure whether to bring any of this up but Manson claims in his recent statement that his relationships were ‘entirely consensual’ – I don’t think he knows the meaning of consent if he goes around up-skirting young women at festivals. Thank you for your courage Evan.”

After these allegations came to light, Manson has since been dropped by his manager of 25 years, been cut from his record label Loma Vista Recordings, and been axed from two TV shows, American Gods and Creepshow, in which he had roles in.

The shock rocker’s ex-wife Dita Von Teese has since issued out a statement about these abuse allegations, saying “please know that the details made public do not match my personal experience during our 7 years together as a couple,” while Sharon Osbourne has come out and said ” I know nothing about his sexual preferences or the way he treats women. I know how he treats an older woman, which is me, and he’s always been respectful.”

Manson himself has issued out his own statement in regards to these abuse allegations, calling the claims “horrible distortions of reality.”