A song like ‘WAP’ from Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion was always bound to be controversial in some way or another. And the most recent news surrounding the song is even more shocking.

According to Complexa woman in Pennsylvania by the name of Stephanie Crute has allegedly been arrested for playing ‘WAP’ too loud.

As per the source, local authorities received complaints that she had been playing the uncensored version of the track too loudly on her Bluetooth speaker.

Crute was arrested at community pool, Tamaqua Bungalow Pool on Friday afternoon, where she was with her two daughters, with one having been identified as 11 years old.

She was reportedly asked to leave the premises and refused to do so and followed up her refusal by pushing back the police officer.

They then attempted to handcuff her which she refused by swinging at them, with her 11 year old daughter also getting involved in an attempt to stop the officer from handcuffing her mother.

Eventually the officer managed to handcuff Crute and was kicked as they tried to bring her back to the police car. Apparently one of the officers checked into a local hospital for what is being referred to as an undisclosed injury.

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Crute has now been slapped with a number of charges following the public incident including felony aggravated assault, misdemeanour simple assault, resisting arrest, and summary harassment and disorderly conduct.

She will face the judge at a preliminary hearing next month on August 3rd.

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Listen to ‘WAP’: