The Yung Gravy Train just keeps on chugging. The viral rapper made a very memorable appearance on The Kyle & Jackie O Show this morning, indulging in a hilariously flirty chat with the hosts.

After exchanging pleasantries, the chat sparked immediately (listen here). “Mum’s have found out there’s a chance you’ll put your penis in them, and they’ve gone crazy with that,” Kyle said. “I’ve heard, man. It’s an under serviced community, they deserve some love. Shout out to all the mums out there,” Gravy replied.

That had Kyle and Jackie swooning. “There’s something about just the voice alone, it’s got sex appeal to it,” Kyle gushed, overwhelmed by the rapper’s distinctly husky voice. “This is a top bloke, I told you this is a top bloke.”

Earlier this month, Gravy made headlines after he discussed his burgeoning relationship with Addison Rae’s mum, Sheri Easterling, on a podcast. That bizarrely led to Sheri’s estranged partner, Monty Lopez, repeatedly challenging Gravy to a boxing match on TikTok.

When Kyle brought up the, um, love triangle, Gravy had some thoughts. “It’s a mid life crisis, he’s embarrassing himself,” he said about Monty. “I feel bad for his daughter and his ex-wife. Hopefully he shuts up pretty soon.” Much to Monty’s dismay – if he happened to be listening to a morning radio show in another hemisphere – Gravy also revealed that he’s thinking of taking Sheri to an upcoming red carpet event as his date.

Kyle then threw his co-host under the bus by playing a clip of Jackie discussing Gravy’s ‘talent’ earlier. “I think he’s really hot,” she insisted. “It’s just a different vibe… It’d be a bit of fun.”

That caught the attention of Gravy. “You all say ‘shag’, what’s the word? When I make it to Australia for the tour, I’ll shag you,” he said, making Jackie laugh. When she claimed she was just a “sympathy shag,” Gravy instantly replied, “You’re not a sympathy shag!”

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Gravy’s flirting then moved on to Kyle, with the rapper noting that he’d just become a father. “Oh my god, I am a DILF,” Kyle realised. “If I swung both ways, I’d shag you too,” Gravy added, making sure Kyle didn’t feel left out.

That’s how you do a radio interview. While speaking from New York, Gravy also spoke of how he had to pay another artist $150k for the rights to the name ‘Yung Gravy’, revealing that alternative names he came up with included ‘Daddy Gravy’, ‘Daddy Aioli’, and – my personal favourite – ‘Mr. Butter’.

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