Sometimes you wonder if music fandom is out of control and then along comes a toilet bowl made in the likeness of Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich and you realise that yes, yes it is. 

A man known as Prince Midnight has created a full body representation of Ulrich as a fully-functional toilet bowl. It’s not anatomically-correct, if that’s a dealbreaker; it’s based on 80s-era Ulrich rather than modern-day Ulrich, if that’s also a dealbreaker.

If you’ve always wanted to go to the toilet on a heavy metal legend as he holds his drumsticks patiently, this is the toilet bowl for you. If you enjoy pooping in peace without having to contend with nightmares afterwards, this one’s probably best avoided.

It’s the eyes though. Those damn bulbous eyes. They’re like those eyes in museum paintings that intently follow you wherever you go. Except I’m not trying to pee when I’m looking at paintings in museums usually.

The toilet will be unveiled to the public on December 3rd at Prince Midnight’s art installation and music show at The Brass Mug in Tampa, Florida.

The best part of this story is that the Lars Ulrich toilet bowl isn’t even the weirdest thing Prince Midnight has ever made. Earlier this year, he went viral after reportedly making a guitar out of his dead uncle’s bones.

He claimed that the skeleton had been donated to a Greek college for educational reasons, but it was no longer needed by them. That was when he decided to turn the bones into a guitar, as you do, instead of providing a proper burial. Other reports have claimed the whole thing was a hoax though. But that Lars Ulrich toilet bowl is definitely no hoax. My eyes know it.

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If you’re looking for a Metallica-themed Christmas present and have no space for a massive Ulrich-shaped toilet bowl, the band did just unveil their new collaboration with the classic board game Clue.

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