Have you ever misplaced your bag? Did you sue because you did so? Probably not but you probably also didn’t have over $1.1 million worth of valuables inside it. 

That’s just what happened to Young Thug though, who’s filed a lawsuit against a luxury apartment building in Atlanta. The rapper claims that the building’s concierge was responsible for the loss of the bag containing the very expensive valuables.

As per Digital Music News, the alleged incident took place last year on November 1st, 2020, when Young Thug accidentally misplaced his Louis Vuitton bag next to his Lamborghini. A resident reported to the building’s concierge, placing it in the care of an employee.

The lawsuit alleges that the employee had placed the bag in a “secure/locked location”, accompanied by a note explaining to other employees not to release it without her permission. It was then another employee who allegedly passed the bag over to an unnamed individual with no relationship to Young Thug.

The contents of the bag are just unbelievable: $40,000 in cash, a diamond-encrusted watch worth around $57,000, a diamond chain valued around $37,000 were in there alongside a hard drive containing approximately 200 unreleased songs, which the rapper claimed is worth at least $1 million. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t let a bag with all of those riches out of my sight ever.

Young Thug is suing the building for damages, citing negligence and failure to train its employees. He seeks “the full present day value of his lost property in an amount to be proven at trial”, and an unspecified value of funds to cover litigation and attorney’s fees. The building involved in the lawsuit haven’t yet commented publicly on the matter.

The only crumb of comfort for Young Thug will be the strong reviews received for his new album, Punk, which dropped last Friday, October 15th. He also performed two songs from it on Saturday Night Live the following day.

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